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Preventative Dentistry in Sparks, Nevada

It’s better to prevent a disaster than to live through one. We believe in this firmly at Sparks Dental, which is why we work with our patients to prevent disaster rather than survive it.

Constant Care 

Our mouths need constant care. When cared for diligently, our mouths will be healthy and operate properly.

Preventative Treatment Helps

By working on preventing dental emergencies, we feel like we are helping provide you the oral comfort you want in your life. Preventative dentistry includes using different dental methods to prevent harm from coming to your teeth. The following are some ways our office helps you fight tooth damage.


Sealants are coverings for your teeth that help prevent deterioration and decay. A dental sealant is generally a thin, plastic coating that covers the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Sealants are usually focused on your back teeth since they receive the most chewing action and have a higher likelihood of decay.


Fluoride strengthens teeth in order to help prevent cavities. With an in-house fluoride treatment, we give you an extra boost of fluoride in order to prevent cavities from forming.

Regular Teeth Cleanings

One of the best ways to prevent decay from building up is to get routine teeth cleanings every six months. A deep cleaning every six months can keep away any of the decay that you can’t clean away with your own toothbrush.

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal treatments treat periodontal disease in many forms. With our experience, we can help you deal with periodontal disease through self-care and dental appointments in order to prevent further harm.


X-rays help us provide you with the best dental care we can. X-rays allow us to see spots of the teeth that might be affected by decay but can’t be seen with a naked eye. This helps us prevent large-scale decay issues before they become a problem.

Night and Sports Guards

Your teeth can grind at night or be harmed while playing sports. Placing well-made guards over your teeth can prevent them from getting harmed while sleeping or playing a sport. We work with the best guards in order to fit them perfectly to your teeth so you can sleep or play in comfort.

Visit Us for Preventative Care

When you visit our office, you’ll learn great ways to care for your teeth. With better oral hygiene comes greater confidence. Our office will provide you with the care and advice you need for good oral hygiene. Schedule your appointment today by calling 775-356-7722.

Preventative Dentistry